Monday, September 3, 2012

Assignment 2 discussion

Today, I'm going to discuss about my search engine results . My topic was wisdom teeth and I used 3 individual search engines, Webmd, CNN, Abc news, and meta search engines, Google, Bing,and Yahoo. I chose the topic of wisdom teeth because during the summer I had 4 wisdom teeth extractions and I was in excruciating pain. Of course, using the meta search engines, they had similar results;the first result of all three was on wikipedia, but Google seemed to have the broadest results. Meanwhile ,Yahoo and Bing had  individualized searches that led to better results, showing you sites for actual dental help, webmd... On the other hand, my individual search engines, were extremely detailed and individualized. CNN to me was the least effective site for searching for my topic. The results would not be helpful, they only showed some journalist complaining about a tooth extraction. Webmd had the best results out of all my search engines because the site is more individualized for medical purposes. However, I got to give my props to Abcnews, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have known someone actually died during a procedure, or hilarious videos of people sedated. In conclusion, for my topic a more specialized site will be the best preference, but individual sites generally have detailed results. (P.S. Below are my tables for individual and meta search engines)


  1. This post was interesting to me. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed last summer and I thought I would never recover. I noticed the same results that you did regarding this assignment. Wikepedia was extremely prominent in my web searches. Also, I agree with your comment regarding CNN.

  2. This post was interesting to me because I'm about to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I'm worried if it's going to hurt or not. I've been asking around and some people say it doesn't hurt at all. Hopefully it won't. Sorry to hear that you were in pain after yours were taken out.

  3. Wow, 4 at one time? How much did that cost? I still haven't had mines taken out so I'm curious :3.